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Redmine › SCM Creator (+Github): Using Github repositories with Redmine

Added by 8 лет ago

Github is the most popular online service for hosting and collaborative development of open source projects. And Redmine is the most popular personal and enterprise open source project hosting and management solution. So, no wonder, that these two systems are used together quite often.

Thus, Github’s Redmine service hook can be used to trigger fetching of repository updates by Redmine, when new commits are made to the Github repository. Unfortunately, it’s useless for the pure Redmine, as Redmine is not able to work with Github repositories directly (only through the local Git mirror, which needs to be created and updated manually)… Moreover, I am not aware of any solution, which could be used for this (even through the mirror).

Certainly, Redmine (especially its community) does much more to support Github. Thus, there is the plenty of tutorials describing how to mirror and keep Github repositories in sync for Redmine (e.g., this or this). Also there exist special plugins for making Github repositories easier usable under Redmine. The most noticeable such plugin is Github hook authored by Jakob Skjerning.

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Redmine » Themes › Red-Andy: Red-Andy 1.00 — the first responsive theme for Redmine (3 comments)

Added by 8 лет ago


The idea of the responsive layout is to allow viewing the website on devices with small screens. To make this possible the browser should be able to change the layout depending on the available screen width of the device. What and how should be done is described using the CSS3 media rules

In fact, there already were some attempts to make the Redmine layout responsive… The best known one was made by Xander Dumaine, but his theme is not maintained and currently is available generally as the article describing how to make a responsive theme for Redmine (nevertheless, I used his article a little to make Red-Andy responsive). There is also the RedmineCRM theme of Kirill Bezrukov, which is described as «responsive», but I have not found any proof of this (neither a screenshot, nor any code making it really responsive — looks like Kirill meant something else, when described the theme this way)… Considering this Red-Andy 1.00 seems to be the first (and only) responsive theme for Redmine!

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Projects: Another Redmine versions support policy change

Added by 8 лет ago

Till now I was trying to make all my plugins work under the common preselected set of recent Redmine and ChiliProject versions (thus, till recently they were: Redmine 1.4.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x and ChiliProject 3.x). So, before releasing any of my plugins I had to test it under all such versions. Certainly, usually there appeared many compatibility issues, which I had to fix.

This approach generally failed… To support so many versions I needed much time, that I did not have due to different reasons — once the reason was the book, I was writing, another time it was stress, I had due to the severe crisis in Ukraine. The time comes and I write more new plugins, what, certainly, makes their support even more complicated. So, I believe, it’s the time to reduce the number of versions, I aim to support…

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Redmine » Themes › Red-Andy: My site is going mobile

Added by 8 лет ago

Several last months I worked on making my website look acceptably on smartphones…

From time to time being away from my computer I was trying to check issues, reread news, Wiki pages and the similar on my old Samsung bada-powered smartphone (well, I use the cell phone just for calls, mostly). And it was an awful experience! This way I became curious about making my website responsive (but, certainly, first I needed to learn, what does «responsive» mean)

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About the Projects category

Added by 9 лет ago

The WordPress installation, you are browsing right now, is not a usual one… This installation runs the WordPress/Redmine integration solution, developed by me especially for this website. A part of the integration task is performed by the WordMine plugin for WordPress, which also implements a new «Project» taxonomy. The terms of this taxonomy are automatically synchronized with Redmine projects, what allows to have individual blogs for each of them (under the new Blog tab in the project menu).

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Redmine › Meta: Twitter Cards approved!

Added by 9 лет ago

The Meta plugin comes with support for Twitter Cards since version 0.2.0. But, as I have noticed, adding support is not enough for them to work… Twitter won’t display your cards until their usage for you domain will be approved by Twitter staff.

Therefore, right after putting the plugin on my website I sent the request to Twitter for approving my domain (using this page). Usually I deploy the plugin to the site in some time before I release it (to test, how it works in the real environment), so I hoped to get approved before the release. But Twitter guys appeared to be slow in this – I released the fixed 0.2.1 and the domain was not approved yet. Eventually, I stopped expecting the approvement to be done… But today, finally, I got an email notifying, that my domain had been approved!

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Mastering Redmine: Launching the project for reader support

Added by 9 лет ago

There should be a place, where readers can come in a case of doubts, questions, for clarification or specification, and so on. The Mastering Redmine project is such place for readers of the Mastering Redmine book, which was authored by me and published on January 25 by Packt Publishing.

I’m quite sure, that this book and this project will bring new users to my website. I hope, that such users will read this particular news, where I’m going to describe, what you can find on the website and in this particular project…

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Projects: Announcement about Redmine < 1.4.x and ChiliProject < 3.x

Added by 9 лет ago

Many of you, perhaps, wondered why I supported such old Redmine versions as 1.0.x? The answer is simple: cause I used (and still do) Redmine 1.0.1!.. But why?..

I used to work as a Linux system administrator, so I know, what is the security and how important is to have a well tested and well maintained installation. For this reason I chose Debian as my server platform. Debian is, however, known to have outdated package versions… But there is a reason why it happens. Debian has three “branches”: unstable, testing and stable. To get into the stable branch a package needs to pass the unstable branch, where it gets tested, and wait for a release in the testing branch, where the whole system gets tested once again.

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Mastering Redmine: My book announcement (1 comment)

Added by 10 лет ago

I guess sizes of news and Wiki pages, which has been written by me so far, indicate, that I like writing to some extent… I don’t feel it this way though (it’s quite complicated for me to, but, I believe, that it’s the integral part of the good development process, so that’s why I do this usually). Or, maybe, I just don’t know myself well enough?..

Having started to deal with Redmine and having noticed, what kind of mistakes its users usually do, I got the feeling, that I would like to create a blog some day, where I would discuss such issues (by the way, I still want to do this)… I really had a lot of ideas, what to write about for Redmine, and even started to note them.

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