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Redmine › SCM Creator (+Github): Using Github repositories with Redmine

Added by 10 лет ago

Github is the most popular online service for hosting and collaborative development of open source projects. And Redmine is the most popular personal and enterprise open source project hosting and management solution. So, no wonder, that these two systems are used together quite often.

Thus, Github’s Redmine service hook can be used to trigger fetching of repository updates by Redmine, when new commits are made to the Github repository. Unfortunately, it’s useless for the pure Redmine, as Redmine is not able to work with Github repositories directly (only through the local Git mirror, which needs to be created and updated manually)… Moreover, I am not aware of any solution, which could be used for this (even through the mirror).

Certainly, Redmine (especially its community) does much more to support Github. Thus, there is the plenty of tutorials describing how to mirror and keep Github repositories in sync for Redmine (e.g., this or this). Also there exist special plugins for making Github repositories easier usable under Redmine. The most noticeable such plugin is Github hook authored by Jakob Skjerning.

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What’s wrong with multilingual content handling

Added by 10 лет ago

Presenting content in different languages is a needful and important feature. And most websites are using generally the same conceptual units for implementing it — translated «portals» of the site and a language switcher. But I believe, it’s a wrong concept!..

When you come to a Wikipedia page, how easy is for you to find your language in the language list? Even for English you need to check the huge list of languages, the majority of which you can’t read! WTF?..

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About the Expertise category

Added by 10 лет ago

I spent over 15 years working in IT — I used to be a system administrator, a designer, a web-designer, a developer, an analyst and a team lead. I worked in education, in freelancing, in IT outsourcing and, finally, in product development. I used to develop in Perl, C, C++, Pascal, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bash, PHP, Ruby and more. In other words, I’m quite an experienced guy and have something to share…

Currently I work in Kayako — the company, that develops the most advanced and featureful help desk solution on the planet. So far I have worked on the KQL reporting engine and the REST API subsystem for the Kayako product. My personal (this) site runs on Redmine and WordPress and includes custom plugins and themes developed by me for these systems. So, I learned all these applications quite well! Thus, for Redmine I also authored the Mastering Redmine book, which was published by Packt Publishing.

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A small outsourcing firm questions CIO’s 7 PM wishes (1 comment)

Added by 11 лет ago

Having worked in the IT outsourcing for more than 7 years I studied this industry very well and built a strong vision of it. Thus, I believe, that IT outsourcing has too many grave weaknesses, no one, usually, is trying to rectify. Moreover, these weaknesses do not seem to be known or recognized by any party – neither by vendors nor by customers. Therefore, in my (forthcoming) blog I aim to pay a special attention to them.

In this article we’ll discuss a blog post of a small outsourcing firm – not one of the best, but, most likely, one of the worst representatives of the IT outsourcing industry. But that’s even better as more serious companies are trying to detect and conceal their weaknesses, while companies like this one do not pay much attention to self-examination. Yet still, I believe, the problems revealed are common for all IT outsourcing companies!

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