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4-byte UTF-8 problem in Redmine and how to fix it
I’ll start with explaining the cause of the problem. If you don’t need this, you can skip the padded paragraphs. You have probably already heard about issues with weird symbols in iPhones, that led to freeze or reboot? Something like these can also be experienced on Redmine instances, that were installed some time ago. iPhones […]
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CD-Index: My media cataloging solution
I have a huge media collection, that I created many years ago. Eventually, in some time I got need to find several files by their names. After unsuccessful checking tens of my CDs I realized, that it was too complicated to do that simple task as my media collection was just too big. In this […]
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Adding GitHub mirror for SVN repository
I store code of my projects in Subversion repositories on this server (on which this website is hosted). I thought about switching to GitHub, but I don’t like the idea, that the main code repository of my project would be stored on a third-party server. Not sure why. Also, I didn’t want to lose the […]
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Redmine and attachments in emails (2 comments)
In my book I explained, how to configure outgoing (also known as notifications) and incoming emails in Redmine and how to integrate this issue tracker with mail transport agents (this is about incoming emails). But, I completely missed the issues, which Redmine has with attachments for both types of emails. Eventually, I faced these issues […]
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ownCloud-based backup solution (1 comment)
Making everyday backups, while the data remain safe for years, may seem to be redundant and needless. Therefore, people realize, how stupid it was not to have backups, only when their data get lost (it happened to me too, quite a long time ago). However, backing up does not have to be a dull process. It can […]
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