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Personal report for 2019
The previous report for 2018 can be found here… A word, that could describe this year, is “treatment”. A year ago I got worse. It was an exacerbation of one of my diseases. For several months I could not work even two hours a day. So, I had to stop all the projects, which did […]
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Personal report for 2018
You can find the personal report for 2017 here. Generally, it feels like this year was a frustration — I planned to do much more than I managed to. I expected it to become a leap, but instead it resembles more just a slow turn. Still, this turn was made in the right direction. The […]
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Redmine plugin implementing flexible version list
If you use Redmine versions intensively, eventually you will want to have a flexible global versions overview, where you’ll be able to: list upcoming versions of all your projects, evaluate their status and progress, check their due dates in order to plan the release schedule, and so on. Unfortunately, the pure Redmine comes only with […]
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Tizen development nightmare (part 1) (3 comments)
I need to have a specific tool on my smartphone for my personal needs. As I did not find any such existing tool, I decided to develop it. My smartphone, an old Samsung Z1, is based on Tizen OS (it’s, actually, the very first Tizen smartphone), so I downloaded Tizen Studio 2.4 and started the […]
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Redmine plugin showing logs for outgoing emails (1 comment)
Sometimes it’s important to know, if the user should have received the email notification generated by Redmine. Especially, if usage of Redmine in your organization relies on email integration (for example, if it’s configured to receive user comments, such as issue notes and message replies, via email). In such cases, some users may use Redmine […]
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