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Redmine and attachments in emails
In my book I explained, how to configure outgoing (also known as notifications) and incoming emails in Redmine and how to integrate this issue tracker with mail transport agents (this is about incoming emails). But, I completely missed the issues, which Redmine has with attachments for both types of emails. Eventually, I faced these issues […]
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ownCloud-based backup solution (1 comment)
Making everyday backups, while the data remain safe for years, may seem to be redundant and needless. Therefore, people realize, how stupid it was not to have backups, only when their data get lost (it happened to me too, quite a long time ago). However, backing up does not have to be a dull process. It can […]
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Personal report for 2017
The personal report for the previous year can be seen here… This is another report for one more failure year, but, I hope, for the last such one (as I’m doing very serious things to prevent this in future). In this year, I finally realized, that I got into a comfort zone (again), which did not […]
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Kayako API resource presentation
There are two ways, in which you can design your API – you can create it for applications or you can create it for users. Historically, APIs were created for applications, what, I believe, was wrong. Your API is another your service, so it should be as friendly to the end user as possible, just […]
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Mastering Redmine: Upgrading to Redmine 3.3 (from 3.2)
As you can read in the book, I decided to store the Redmine code for the book’s project in the directory /opt/redmine/redmine-x.y.z, where x.y.z is the version number. I chose such location to be able to easily switch back to the previous version of Redmine in a case of upgrade failure. However, such approach introduced a […]
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