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About russian fascism and Roger Griffin’s comments on it (1 comment)
In my article about fascism in the contemporary Russia, which we (Ukrainians) call “ruscism”, I review tenets of fascism, that are listed in the corresponding article on Wikipedia, and compare them to the regime of Vladimir Putin. This way I show, how close is the Russian regime to the true fascism! Unlike the Ukrainian one, […]
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Review of Qr-Cam 601H (YNKJDV 811 WIFI)
Recently, I got a chinese mini Wi-Fi camera, that was described as H.264 HD 1920×1080. I chose this model as it looked to be easy to mount (due to the form of a pin), independent (does not have to be near a PC or a network socket), mobile (can be easily moved to a different location) […]
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Mastering Redmine: The project reviewed in the book is now live
To demonstrate, what is Redmine and how it works, in Mastering Redmine I create a special demo project. This project is about the book, so the latter can be considered to be about the former as well (yes, it’s about Redmine, but uses the project as a sample). And, for the second edition of the […]
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Personal report for 2015
To read the personal report for 2014 click here. As usually, you can skip indented paragraphs as they contain verbose details, thoughts and so on (e.g., if you do not have a time for reading them)… Achievements in 2015 To be honest, I feel like the past year has been wasted in general – there […]
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Mastering Redmine: Second edition announcement
Recently I was contacted by an editor from Packt Publishing asking me to update the book. To be honest, for me it’s not a good time for an additional work (I have many other things to do), but this book is like my kid and it really needs my attention. So, I agreed (having negotiated […]
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