Terms of use

This is my personal website, where I share my work (projects) and thoughts (blog) with you. It’s my home and you are my guest – this is the main statement, that should define our relationship. I’ll try to be hospitable, and you should be courteous and polite (but not as Russians understand this).

I want this website to be as open source as reasonable, therefore I try to share all the code, that makes it work. Therefore, you can see and use: the themes (here and here), that I use for Redmine and WordPress; my customizations for Redmine and WordPress in corresponding plugins for these applications; my Redmine/WordPress integration solution (here and here); and more. All this code is open source and free to use (assume the GPL 2 license, if it’s not said otherwise).

I share the details, how did I build my “home”, so I expect you to share the information about any bugs and flaws, that you can find. I think, it’s fair. I’m far from being a hackers hater, so I’m fine, if you try to hack my (this) “home”, unless you harm me or other my “guests” (including share of any our private information) and only if you tell me, how did you do that. I want to emphasize it once again: if you succeed to do something like that, you are responsible for keeping all the private data safe.

As it has been said, on my website I share my code, that I use or used. Despite this, I give no guarantee, that it will work for you or that it won’t become a reason for any damage for your system. That’s also covered in the GPL 2 license, under which I usually share the code (and which should be considered the default license, if I don’t explicitly specify otherwise). So, before using any my code, be sure to read and agree with the appropriate license.

In addition to code, I also share some of my text and media contents, such as articles (blog posts, news etc), photos and illustrations. You are free to use such contents, if you attribute my authorship and, when possible, provide a link to the original contents on my website. This clause, however, has some exceptions:

You may not use such my materials as my logo and photos of me and my family members, as well as photos of other people, in any manner, that harms or can harm those ones, who are on the photo or who is associated with the material (yes, I mean the logo). You also may not claim, directly or indirectly, that the one on the photo is someone else, as well as you may not associate my logo with something other than my website. Also, you may not create a logo, that is similar to the mine.

Certainly, sometimes this website can also use materials, that are owned by third parties. And, this does not mean, that you may use such materials as well (nor that I might use them, actually – it could be, that I just did not find the appropriate legal information). So, it’s your responsibility to check, if I own the material and whether you can use it, if I don’t.

Like the vast majority of other websites, this website links to other websites and systems. But, this does not mean, that I recommend or even agree with what can be found under those links! I have no control over other websites and systems and can’t guarantee, that you will be safe, when following such links. Also, such websites and systems can have own terms of use and privacy policies, so it’s your responsibility to check them.

This is my home, so I reserve the right to dislike a guest or guest’s contents, whatever is my reason for this. So, I also reserve the right to remove any contents (including mine, actually) or to ban any user of my website. In practice, however, I very rarely delete user contents or ban my guests, if they are not courteous, but this does not mean, that I can’t change my mind.

Be sure to check also the privacy policy of this website here.

Certainly, these terms of use are subject to change without notice and was last updated on October 20, 2016. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly using this form.