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Personal report for 2019

Added by 4 years ago

The previous report for 2018 can be found here

A word, that could describe this year, is “treatment”. A year ago I got worse. It was an exacerbation of one of my diseases. For several months I could not work even two hours a day. So, I had to stop all the projects, which did not bring in income. These included #MyTizenMobileApp and #MyNotStartupProject. Now, I’m getting better, but still not fully recovered. And, I’m still not sure, if I’ll ever will be, unfortunately. So, some my projects — free and prospective ones — are on hold for now. Certainly, this makes this year another failure and raises the question, if it makes sense to write and publish further personal reports. So, quite possibly, this is the last one. Anyway…

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Personal report for 2018

Added by 5 years ago

You can find the personal report for 2017 here.

Generally, it feels like this year was a frustration — I planned to do much more than I managed to. I expected it to become a leap, but instead it resembles more just a slow turn. Still, this turn was made in the right direction. The problem is that it looks like I need much more time to get to the destination.

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Personal report for 2017

Added by 6 years ago

The personal report for the previous year can be seen here

This is another report for one more failure year, but, I hope, for the last such one (as I’m doing very serious things to prevent this in future). In this year, I finally realized, that I got into a comfort zone (again), which did not allow me to move forward and which, eventually, appeared to be not really comfort. Now I understand, that this could be seen just by reading my previous reports (for 2015-2016), but I was too “blind” (that’s, actually, how the comfort zone works).

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Personal report for 2016

Added by 7 years ago

The personal report for the previous year, which was 2015, is available here

Generally, I feel, that from the IT point of view this year was a failure. Like the previous one… I should really do something with this in the next years. Anyway…

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Another server migration announcement (2 comments)

Added by 10 years ago

For more than 3 years I was a happy customer of BurstNET web hosting provider… But, recently I discovered, that, actually, I was a lucky customer of this company. Yes, I had some issues with their service, but not ones, that I interpreted as critical! However, some of their customers appeared to be very unhappy (I saw a post on some forum claiming, that the author cannot get his/her data for more than a half of year)

So, why did I get interested about the quality of their service?.. On the previous week I got an email, notifying me, that I have a month to… get away from them! I did not believe, that this could be the truth (this could be fake), so I googled for the problem… And, expectedly, figured out, that I was not the only one. Yet still I did not believe, so I decided to ask the support team for a confirmation and to wait, if more people get such emails (normally people share such news)

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About the Personal category

Added by 10 years ago

To be honest, I do not like sharing too many personal details with the World. Being a social network user I share the controllable amount of information with my online friends and anyone, who is interested in my “offline” life.

Everything, that looks personal or not related to other categories, will go under this category.

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My first blog post or now I’m doing this too

Added by 10 years ago

Probably, at the moment, when you come to this blog post, you will also be able to find older ones… Despite this, this blog post is really the first one! All the older posts were Redmine news, Facebook notes or something else before and have been, in fact, moved to this blog. I had a dream to launch my blog long before this post and, as I did not have it running yet, I used other applications to share my thoughts…

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Website update announcement (4 comments)

Added by 10 years ago

My current website is running on the oldstable Debian 6 and Redmine 1.0.x while the recent stable version of Debian is 7 and the latest version of Redmine is 2.4.x! But such old versions are not the problem – the problem is that they do not allow me to run new plugins and features. Also the official support of Debian 6 is to be stopped soon and this means no more security updates for the OS!

Due to peculiar circumstances the upgrade also implies the change of server and, therefore, IP address. So, it’s going to take some time, as it requires data transfer between old and new server.

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