Privacy policy

The only really personal information, that I require you to specify in order to use some features of my (this) website (such as writing to it), is your functional e-mail address. I use it as your identity to make sure, that you really exist at least as an Internet user. It won’t be visible to public, unless you explicitly allow this in your account.

Additionally, my website can ask you to choose a nickname and to share your full name. Both are then made available to public, what you should consider. So, while I prefer, that you use your real full name, you are free to choose any name. Also, remember, that, if you use your common nickname, it can be possible to find out your real full name using it (e.g., if you used the real full name with this nickname on another website).

Your password is another piece of personal information, that is used by this website (if you register on it). I do my best to keep it safe, thus it is never stored in plain text. Even so, I don’t recommend you to reuse on this website the passwords, that you are using on other websites. Especially not to require you to use a password at all, I provide a way to login into my website using your Google, GitHub or Twitter account (soon, Facebook should be available as well). So, consider making use of this, instead of a password.

Other than that, my website may also ask you to specify links to your social pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google+ and LinkedIn. These links are intended to help me and other users to contact and get familiar with you. But, you are free not to share them. If you do share them though, remember, that these links are going to be available to public as well.

So generally, it’s your own responsibility, which of your personal data you make available on my website. I do my best to protect those of them, which are not available to public, but in the software world no one can guarantee, that such data will be safe. Please, keep this in mind.

Certainly, neither I nor this website do not share your personal information with third parties. In addition to the website, they are stored only in offline backups on few other my systems.

Also, when using your Google, GitHub and Twitter accounts (soon, maybe, Facebook as well) to login into my website, you will be asked by these services to grant my website access to some of your personal data on them. I’m ensuring you, that this website does not use this access other than to fetch your e-mail address, full name and, possibly, some of your other profile data to create your local profile on this website (i.e., you can easily check, what has been imported). Anyway, be sure to carefully read the information on the corresponding authorization pages of these services, before granting my website the access to your profiles there. Again, it’s solely your responsibility.

Also, I do not track your visits to my (this) website other than to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience. Certainly, some information about your visits, such as which IP address you use, is stored in offline system logs of my server, so I could debug issues, that happen on it. But, these logs are not kept forever and get removed with time. Also, your IP address from these logs is not in any way made public or shared (not even stored in backups). Your IP address, however, is also saved in blog comments, if you post ones (this is a part of the WordPress functionality, that helps track spammers), but this one is visible only to me. In any case, I do understand and do consider, that sometimes it can be possible to identify your person using the IP address, and do my best to prevent this.

Of course, my website also uses cookies, without which the authentication would not be possible. Some of these cookies are used to keep your session open (so you could post your data on my website), others are used to save your preferences (e.g., in this way columns of the issue list are saved). To be honest, I do not know all the cases, when cookies are used by my website, but they are used by WordPress and Redmine, on which it is based and which are well-known and trusted applications. Anyway, you can still disable cookies for this website in your browser, if you are fine with read-only access to it.

Keep also in mind, that this website uses Google AdSense and Google Analytics. So, cookies and web beacons are also used by these Google services to analyse traffic to this website. This means, that the information about your use of this website is also shared by your browser with Google. This information includes your IP address, the name of your web browser and the URL of the page, that you have visited.

A very similar information becomes also available to Facebook, Twitter and Google (again) due to the use of their “Like” (“Tweet” and “+1”) buttons by this website. And note, that this happens, even if you don’t click on them. I’m not sure, if and what these services do with these data though.

Finally, some of your activity on my website, such as activity in my projects, can show, that you have an interest in the particular area, e.g., that you are using that my project. Such information, because it’s public, can be used by third parties in some purposes (an example of a less harmless one – they can use it to promote similar products to you). Keep this in mind too.

I hope, that I have covered all the cases, that you should know, when using my website and, actually, any website in the Internet (I don’t do anything special here). I also hope, that this page was not too scary for you – it just lays down the things, that you should have been aware of.

Certainly, this privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on October 18, 2016 (yeah, this means, that you need to track changes in it by yourself, sorry). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly using this form.