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Another Redmine versions support policy change

Till now I was trying to make all my plugins work under the common preselected set of recent Redmine and ChiliProject versions (thus, till recently they were: Redmine 1.4.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x and ChiliProject 3.x). So, before releasing any of my plugins I had to test it under all such versions. Certainly, usually there appeared many compatibility issues, which I had to fix.

This approach generally failed… To support so many versions I needed much time, that I did not have due to different reasons – once the reason was the book, I was writing, another time it was stress, I had due to the severe crisis in Ukraine. The time comes and I write more new plugins, what, certainly, makes their support even more complicated. So, I believe, it’s the time to reduce the number of versions, I aim to support…

So, there will be no preselected set of versions any more! From now I aim to support three versions of Redmine:

  1. The latest version, which comes with the Debian stable distribution (and, therefore, with the Ubuntu LTS) – it’s 1.4.x at the moment.
    I use the Debian stable at my servers.
  2. The latest version, which comes with the Debian testing distribution (and, therefore, with Ubuntu) – it’s 2.4.x at the moment.
    I use the Debian testing at my desktop and laptop – that’s the system I develop under.
  3. And the latest official stable Redmine version – it’s 2.5.x at the moment.

Of course, sometimes some or all actual versions can be the same, other times (like now) these can be three different versions.

I also plan to provide a plugin version for each recent version of Redmine. Thus, if the current Debian testing version of Redmine is 2.4.x and the plugin does not have a release for 2.3.x, I’m going to include the support for 2.3.x into its very next release. This way you should be always able to find a plugin version for your version of Redmine.

What about ChiliProject?

ChiliProject became a headache for my plugin development… Since the time, it was forked, it has changed much. Redmine has changed much since that time too. It appeared to be quite complicated to support different versions of Redmine due to such changes… But it’s much more complicated to support ChiliProject additionally to this! I don’t use ChiliProject personally and I don’t see, that it’s popular… I believe, ChiliProject failed as a fork and has not become a good alternative to Redmine. So, I do not aim to support ChiliProject any longer…

But this does not mean, that I won’t! If I see the need (e.g., many users ask for a ChiliProject version), I will do my best to provide a version for ChiliProject. In other words, I’m going to do this on demand only!



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