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Projects: Thanks for contributing (2 comments)

Added by 6 years ago

Users’ contribution to a project is very important! No project is good if it does not happen (unless a project can’t be extended). I always try to mention those of you who contribute to my projects in appropriate CREDITS files. But I appreciate your contribution much greater!..

So I think about adding users who has contributed to a project to members of the project… For this I can add two new roles: “Patchers” and “Translators”. This way contributors will be listed as members on a project overview page. This will also allow me to assign an issue to a translator (e.g. when new strings are added to locale)… Of course, if translators do not mind?

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Contact Form: Will drop the “Project” field

Added by 6 years ago

It’s not a secret that all of my plugins I wrote initially for myself. The contact form was one of them.

I have many plugins on my site so I need the “Project” field to determine what project a request is related to. But this is not a common situation perhaps and I guess there are users who do not need the “Project” field?.. For example, if there is only one project on site or if projects are not visible.

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A story of my work at Softjourn

Added by 6 years ago

Softjourn is a small IT outsourcing company with the development center located in Western Ukraine.

In fact, I always felt that there was something wrong with Softjourn. In particular, this could be seen in the story of its first three employees, who were promised to receive leading positions and good compensation in future. Instead, one of them was forced to leave. Another one was fired without any prior notice. And the last one left the company in some time after I did. Despite the promises, when Vasyl, an old friend of Sergiy Fitsak, entered the company, two of them were still employed, but this was Vasyl, who received the new position of team lead at their project. And he was not familiar with the project and even with PHP (the language, the project used). However, the company was very young and I got deceived by the “sincerity” and “openness” of Sergiy, the managing director of the company, having assumed, that the situation could be improved…

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Projects: The Rename

Added by 7 years ago

Some time ago I wrote the Project Alias plugin which allowed adding project identifier aliases and choosing one of aliases as a project identifier (that is renaming identifiers). I wrote it to fix identifiers of my projects. The most glaring example why I wanted to do this is the SCM Creator plugin which has identifier svn (for historical reasons)…

Recently I also added support for the identifiers renaming to the SCM Creator itself (it needed to rename repositories for Redmine.pm to work)… So now I can rename identifiers!.. And by these news I’m notifying you that I’m going to do this!

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Going OpenID

Added by 7 years ago

I definitely want more feedback from users! Only a little issues are reported by others (not me)… Only a little votes were added since the site launch… I guess this is because no one wants to have another account on another site. That’s why I needed OpenID.

It is officially believed that Redmine does support OpenID. But “for some reason” I could not get it to work!.. And that’s not only me (see this and this). So had spent some time for it I found the reason and the solution!

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My website launched

Added by 7 years ago

I’m happy to welcome you on my website which launched yesterday. Right now I put here some of my open source projects. But later I plan to launch some blog as well.

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