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Google authentication is back

There was a time, when you could login into my website (this one) using your Google accounts. But, then it just stopped to work. Eventually, I’m happy to announce, that it works again!

What happened?

Previously, Google used the OpenID protocol to allow third-party websites (like mine) to authenticate users using their Google accounts. But then, eventually Google switched to OpenID Connect. OpenID (without Connect) was natively supported by Redmine and worked fine with Google (with the help of my OpenID Fix plugin). OpenID Connect, on the contrary, is not natively supported by Redmine and needs a third-party plugin.

How it works now?

I installed the Redmine Omniauth Google plugin for Redmine, that was (initially) created by Dmitry Kovalenok from Twinslash Ltd. This plugin adds support for Google’s OpenID Connect to Redmine. Also, I had to modify the plugin a little to make it work under Redmine 2.5.xd, which is used by my website.

What will be with OpenID Fix now?

I don’t see, where it’s needed… I used it for Google authentication, but do not need it for this any longer. Also, I’m not sure, if it helped for other OpenID providers (I guess, some of them still use OpenID). So, I’m about to abandon it.

Let me know, if you still need it, though.

What’s next?

OpenID Connect is supported not only by Google, but also by, e.g., Facebook, Twitter and GitHub. So, I’m looking to allow you to authenticate on my website using your accounts on these websites as well. Looks like the TweetBook plugin for Redmine, that was created by Sandeep Kumar, is what I need (but I’m not sure, if it supports Redmine 2.5.xd).



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