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Tag: Euromaidan

What happened in Ukraine?

Added by 10 years ago

There are lots of interpretations of what have happened in Ukraine since November 21, 2013 (the day the Euromaidan started). While I can’t be sure, what is known to third parties (i.e., people outside Ukraine and Russia), popular ukrainian and, especially, russian interpretations differ from what I believe it was. That’s why decided to write this article. No, I don’t claim, that what I believe is the absolute truth (yet I believe it’s quite close to it), but still my interpretation can be interesting for some readers…

Whatever they claim, actually we’ve had two crises in Ukraine – the first one was the Euromaidan and the second one is the Russian-Ukrainian hybrid war. Russians did a lot to stop and discredit the Euromaidan and launched the second crisis because they failed. Therefore, Russia is, in fact, a participant of both crises. Why do russians do this and how do they explain their motives, I shortly describe in indented paragraphs starting with “Russians believe”. It’s fine to skip such paragraphs though, if you want…

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The nature of Euromaidan

Added by 11 years ago


29th November 2013 should have become a historic date for Ukraine, as on this date this country planned to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. It took years to get prepared to this event! But, on November 21 (i.e., 8 days before the event) the Ukrainian government suddenly made a decision to postpone the signing… This ended up with massive protests all over Ukraine, which got the name Euromaidan (translated as “euro-square”).

They say, that people on the Euromaidan stand for a faster integration with the European Union… But, it’s not so simple! No one officially refused the integration, actually – it was just postponed. And even if the integration was started right away, it would take years to give the real effect… So, what’s the point?

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