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Thanks for contributing

Users’ contribution to a project is very important! No project is good if it does not happen (unless a project can’t be extended). I always try to mention those of you who contribute to my projects in appropriate CREDITS files. But I appreciate your contribution much greater!..

So I think about adding users who has contributed to a project to members of the project… For this I can add two new roles: “Patchers” and “Translators”. This way contributors will be listed as members on a project overview page. This will also allow me to assign an issue to a translator (e.g. when new strings are added to locale)… Of course, if translators do not mind?

I think also about changing my Author box plugin (see #1943) and showing two new roles (see #1842) “Patchers” and “Translators” on sidebar…

What do you think? Please comment!..

P.S. Some day I will also add a new role “Sponsors”…


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Added by Ismail SEZEN 10 years ago

Hello again Adriy,

Whenever I visit your site and whenever I saw it, obviously, a contribution (somehow) feeling wakes up inside me Mostly, I wish to know Ruby (or Rails or whatever, name is not important) to help you somehow. You are the best Redmine plugin creator and theming guy around in my opinion. And I like the way how you present your work very much.

I couldn’t stop myself to comment one of your funny posts at this time. I’ve to admit that I thought about donation once but I don’t have a payoneer account and I couldn’t trust it. (Sorry for that, indeed!) I’ve only time for this at the moment and I really would like to be Turkish translator of your plugins. (If I’m not wrong, I was the first one that translates redmine to Turkish and it still goes on if there is not another one)

And I still want to install your orangutan plugin like crazy (If only, I had to manage to install it before). Anyway, wishes does not help Thank you very much for now for your great work.

I wish you don’t loose your passion!

İsmail SEZEN

Added by Andriy Lesyuk 10 years ago

Hello, Ismail!

Thank you very much for your great works!

Please message me if you need help with translation or Orangutan!


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