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The Rename

Some time ago I wrote the Project Alias plugin which allowed adding project identifier aliases and choosing one of aliases as a project identifier (that is renaming identifiers). I wrote it to fix identifiers of my projects. The most glaring example why I wanted to do this is the SCM Creator plugin which has identifier svn (for historical reasons)…

Recently I also added support for the identifiers renaming to the SCM Creator itself (it needed to rename repositories for Redmine.pm to work)… So now I can rename identifiers!.. And by these news I’m notifying you that I’m going to do this!

Mostly you won’t feel the change because old identifiers will still work as aliases. But you won’t only if you do not use SVN to access the projects code!.. Old identifiers won’t work for SVN! In other words old SVN links will stop working! This can be an issue especially for those who is using SVN to update the code on production! Luckily this won’t harm the code (old links just won’t work)!..

I will write news for each project I will rename so please subscribe to news or check them periodically.



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