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Upgrade is pending

Redmine 1.4 was released quite a long time ago, ChiliProject 3 was released even earlier!.. Now Redmine 2.0 was released! None of these versions are supported by all my plugins… ChiliProject 3 however is supported by most of them.

I’m sorry! Really!.. Recently many events occured in my life so I could not update them in time. Of course, I plan to and will do my best to do this a.s.a.p. I hope for your patience.

I will begin with Redmine 1.4, then will work on Redmine 2.0 and only then will continue with ChiliProject…

Why ChiliProject is the last? Well… I have a feeling I need to go this way. You can influence the order by letting me know.

When you should expect updates? Can’t give any ETA!

P.S. Also I would not recommend anyone to upgrade to Redmine 2.0 right now… It changes much in API used by plugins! So you need to give more time to plugin authors to update their plugins (including but not limited to me)! At least be sure to check if plugins are compatible with Redmine 2.0 before upgrading!


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Added by Terence Miller 12 years ago

Keep on!Thanks for your contribution. Really nice redmine plugins.

Added by Andriy Lesyuk 12 years ago

Thanks, Terence!

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