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Will drop the “Project” field

It’s not a secret that all of my plugins I wrote initially for myself. The contact form was one of them.

I have many plugins on my site so I need the “Project” field to determine what project a request is related to. But this is not a common situation perhaps and I guess there are users who do not need the “Project” field?.. For example, if there is only one project on site or if projects are not visible.

Recently I released another plugin – Extended Fields. This plugin adds new custom field type “Project” which can be used to add “Project” field to the contact form. This would solve the issue (will let choose)!

So I’m going to drop the native “Project” field!.. Will do this in the next version. Those who needs this field will need to install the Extended Fields plugin and add a custom field of the “Project” type (going to supply a migration script which will do this automatically)…

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