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About the Opinion category

This category is going to spread my personal opinion on many topics. But, why do I think, that this worth doing?..

First, I have peculiar opinions on many things (like many other people do, actually). Certainly, such opinions may help others understand the things better. And, certainly, I can be wrong and in such cases I would like to know, if I am – so, I’m looking for discussions!

Second, any idea can change the world – either it’s someone’s world, or it’s a group’s world, or it’s the World. Brand new pioneering opinions are able to change a lot! While I unlikely will be able to find such idea – still I can try!

Third, many my ideas are too peculiar and, therefore, do not get much support from others. But this does not mean, that they are wrong – remember once people did not want to trust Pythagoras, that the Earth is round? So, by sharing such ideas I’m also looking for like-minded persons.



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