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About the Studio category

Being in the school, I also attended the art school. I can’t say, that I loved to or that I was a good pupil, but I did learned to paint…

In fact, I loved to paint but did not like to do, what was requested in the art school. There we usually painted the same jugs, fruits and so on all the time…

Anyway, here are some of my works:


Having become familiar with computers, certainly, I also became interested in computer drawing and design. Some time I even positioned myself as a web-designer and completed multiple successful projects in this area (which usually included development as well though). However, I found web-design too complicated and time-consuming for me (so at the moment I do not do any web-design officially any longer). Additionally, I never liked my designs, to be honest…

Anyway, here are some of my web-design works (in addition to this site):


First, I used to create web-designs in Adobe Photoshop (like many others do). Then I found, that vector graphics fit my needs better, and switched to Sodipodi and then to Inkscape. At that moment I also completely switched to Debian GNU/Linux, so sometimes I also used GIMP for “very special” effects like shadows. In other words, since that time I used only tools, which were available for Linux and do this now!

But my interests were not limited to web-design. Thus, using Inkscape I also used to create logos and other small design things, however I never did the work like this officially. In addition to design I also tried to learn 3D (with Blender) and animation (with Adobe Flash and Synfig), but have not succeeded in them. Anyway I’m still interested in these things (and in tools like Blender and Synfig)!

As a painter I was always excited about catching life moments with the possibility to enjoy these moments later. So, naturally, I always loved the photography and, therefore, about 2 years ago I bought the mirror camera Nikon D90. Since then I learn to make photos and have some good results… At least I love this (what could not be said about web-design)!

So, here are some photos taken by me:

Evening Stacy-and-Flowers Park-Walk Stacy-with-Camomiles

Stacy-and-Eva Night H

But I do not position myself as a photographer! This is only a hobby! Anyway, as a “man with a mirror camera” and a fan of GNU/Linux OS I have troubles finding tutorials on photo processing and retouching under this great OS, because most photographers use Windows or Mac. So, that will definitely be the one of the things I will write about in this category (i.e., about photo processing and retouching under Linux)!

As it is much related to the photography I also play with video sometimes. So, some video processing under Linux can also be mentioned here.

Additionally, other stuff like usage of GIMP, Blender, Synfig, Inkscape and so on can be reviewed in this category as well. In fact, any graphics related works under Linux can be discussed here…



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