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January 28, 2013

Projects: Announcement about Redmine < 1.4.x and ChiliProject < 3.x

Added by 11 years ago

Many of you, perhaps, wondered why I supported such old Redmine versions as 1.0.x? The answer is simple: cause I used (and still do) Redmine 1.0.1!.. But why?..

I used to work as a Linux system administrator, so I know, what is the security and how important is to have a well tested and well maintained installation. For this reason I chose Debian as my server platform. Debian is, however, known to have outdated package versions… But there is a reason why it happens. Debian has three “branches”: unstable, testing and stable. To get into the stable branch a package needs to pass the unstable branch, where it gets tested, and wait for a release in the testing branch, where the whole system gets tested once again.

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