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Launching the project for reader support

There should be a place, where readers can come in a case of doubts, questions, for clarification or specification, and so on. The Mastering Redmine project is such place for readers of the Mastering Redmine book, which was authored by me and published on January 25 by Packt Publishing.

I’m quite sure, that this book and this project will bring new users to my website. I hope, that such users will read this particular news, where I’m going to describe, what you can find on the website and in this particular project…

This website is built on… Redmine! On this website, at the moment of writing these words, I share my Redmine plugins mostly. None of these plugins have a special usage in any organization, I work in. Well, some of them are used on the Kayako Forge (and I work in Kayako)… But, what I’m trying to tell is that this work is totally volunteer (and was done before I entered Kayako). And one of the main goals of this website is sharing – sharing the code, ideas, views and so on. This way anything this website uses is available for download and free usage! Thus, the theme of the website is available in the Red-Andy project, Redmine customizations are available in the Projects project, and customizations for this particular project (e.g., how did I add the “Table of contents” and “Sample chapter” tabs) are available under the “Repository” tab of this project.

That’s was a short story about the website. Now let’s talk about this project:

The book has the official book page on the publisher’s site, where you can leave a review, submit errata and so on. All this will go to the publisher and the appropriate requests will be forwarded to me. So anyway this will be me, with who you will discuss Redmine issues or technical details from the book. Therefore, to establish a direct channel between you, as readers, and me, as the author, I created this project. It is aimed to be the first source of the technical information related to the book.

So here you will be able:

  • Submit errata, request for clarification or specification using the issue tracking feature (and trackers: “Erratum”, “Omission” for things, which you believe are missing, and “Improvement” for any other things, that need clarification or specification).
  • Familiarize yourself with the table of contents of the book under the Table of contents tab.
  • Read the sample chapter of the book (which is Chapter №3, Configuring Redmine) under the Sample chapter tab. This tab also contains bookmarks for quick access to subsections.
  • Gain access to some statistics related to the book… Thus, at the moment you can check the not-yet-complete list of mentions of people, organizations and projects, which can be found in the book.
  • Discuss the book and its content with me and other readers in the Discussion forum.
  • Post reviews, thank you’s, hate you’s or any other feedback in the Reviews forum.
  • Check how did I implement “Table of contents” and “Sample chapter” tabs in the project’s repository.
  • And more.

For quick news regarding the book (not such huge ones as this one) you can also:



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