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Second edition announcement

Recently I was contacted by an editor from Packt Publishing asking me to update the book. To be honest, for me it’s not a good time for an additional work (I have many other things to do), but this book is like my kid and it really needs my attention. So, I agreed (having negotiated a reasonable schedule, of course). In other words, let me announce the second edition of the Mastering Redmine book, which is going to be published at the start of 2016.

So, what am I going to change?.. First, many new versions of Redmine came out since the first edition of the book. Certainly, the second edition is going to reflect changes in these versions. Second, I’m going to review completely different plugins in the “Plugins and Themes” chapter. But, I’m not sure, which ones, for now. And third, all mentions of ChiliProject are going to be dropped. As it’s dead, unfortunately. Finally, I’ll change everything else, what I’ll find reasonable. And last, I’m open to any your suggestions!

In fact, I really need your help in improving this book. Thus, if each reader reported issues, that he/she had found in the book, this would make my work much easier, the book much better and therefore, maybe, Redmine a little bit more popular. So, this is not just an announcement for the second edition – it’s a request for help. Let’s make┬áthis book better!

So, how can you report issues?..

  • The best and currently my preferred method is that you report them in the special book’s project (the current one) on my website (this one), which, by the way, is running Redmine for hosting projects. Also, the book’s project comes with the “Page” custom field (for the “Erratum” tracker), that can be used to specify the page number (please use it).
  • You can also write about such issues to me directly using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+) or the contact form on this website.
  • Additionaly, you can post your issues to Packt Publishing using the corresponding form.
  • And, finally, you can use the special book’s project for the second edition, if or when it comes online. More details are below…

Now, another possible announcement:

To demonstrate Redmine in the first edition of the book I create a special project on my local installation. That project is about writing the Mastering Redmine book, first edition… Naturally, I’m going to do the same for the second edition. But, now I also think about making this project public. As well I think about creating a special separate website for the book, that will run the corresponding Redmine installation. Would you join me there?.. Follow my blog or social networks for news, if so.



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