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Twitter Cards approved!

The Meta plugin comes with support for Twitter Cards since version 0.2.0. But, as I have noticed, adding support is not enough for them to work… Twitter won’t display your cards until their usage for you domain will be approved by Twitter staff.

Therefore, right after putting the plugin on my website I sent the request to Twitter for approving my domain (using this page). Usually I deploy the plugin to the site in some time before I release it (to test, how it works in the real environment), so I hoped to get approved before the release. But Twitter guys appeared to be slow in this – I released the fixed 0.2.1 and the domain was not approved yet. Eventually, I stopped expecting the approvement to be done… But today, finally, I got an email notifying, that my domain had been approved!

So now, for the case, if you were wondering, what exactly this feature does, you can check this using my website!

For example, check this tweet, which links to this news item:

By default, the Twitter “summary” card won’t be shown and you will need to click on the “View summary” link to see it. The new block, which will appear after you do this, is the Twitter card.

Alternatively you can add the tweet:

Want to know, what does the Meta plugin for #Redmine and @ChiliProject do? Check the View summary link on this tweet! http://projects.andriylesyuk.com/news/64

To check the Twitter card in your Twitter account (and to promote the Meta plugin ).

The Twitter Cards support was not yet available in the Meta plugin, when I was writing the Mastering Redmine book (and was not even planned). And this is sad, as this feature greatly supplements the plugin. Anyway, you can find many other interesting things in the book. Check the Mastering Redmine project, if you have read the book or are interesting in reading it.

You can subscribe to further news regarding the Meta plugin using the Subscription form on the sidebar.



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