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Tag: My website

Redmine » Themes › Red-Andy: My site is going mobile

Added by 10 years ago

Several last months I worked on making my website look acceptably on smartphones…

From time to time being away from my computer I was trying to check issues, reread news, Wiki pages and the similar on my old Samsung bada-powered smartphone (well, I use the cell phone just for calls, mostly). And it was an awful experience! This way I became curious about making my website responsive (but, certainly, first I needed to learn, what does “responsive” mean)

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My first blog post or now I’m doing this too

Added by 11 years ago

Probably, at the moment, when you come to this blog post, you will also be able to find older ones… Despite this, this blog post is really the first one! All the older posts were Redmine news, Facebook notes or something else before and have been, in fact, moved to this blog. I had a dream to launch my blog long before this post and, as I did not have it running yet, I used other applications to share my thoughts…

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Website update announcement (4 comments)

Added by 11 years ago

My current website is running on the oldstable Debian 6 and Redmine 1.0.x while the recent stable version of Debian is 7 and the latest version of Redmine is 2.4.x! But such old versions are not the problem – the problem is that they do not allow me to run new plugins and features. Also the official support of Debian 6 is to be stopped soon and this means no more security updates for the OS!

Due to peculiar circumstances the upgrade also implies the change of server and, therefore, IP address. So, it’s going to take some time, as it requires data transfer between old and new server.

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Redmine › Meta: Twitter Cards approved!

Added by 11 years ago

The Meta plugin comes with support for Twitter Cards since version 0.2.0. But, as I have noticed, adding support is not enough for them to work… Twitter won’t display your cards until their usage for you domain will be approved by Twitter staff.

Therefore, right after putting the plugin on my website I sent the request to Twitter for approving my domain (using this page). Usually I deploy the plugin to the site in some time before I release it (to test, how it works in the real environment), so I hoped to get approved before the release. But Twitter guys appeared to be slow in this – I released the fixed 0.2.1 and the domain was not approved yet. Eventually, I stopped expecting the approvement to be done… But today, finally, I got an email notifying, that my domain had been approved!

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Going OpenID

Added by 13 years ago

I definitely want more feedback from users! Only a little issues are reported by others (not me)… Only a little votes were added since the site launch… I guess this is because no one wants to have another account on another site. That’s why I needed OpenID.

It is officially believed that Redmine does support OpenID. But “for some reason” I could not get it to work!.. And that’s not only me (see this and this). So had spent some time for it I found the reason and the solution!

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My website launched

Added by 13 years ago

I’m happy to welcome you on my website which launched yesterday. Right now I put here some of my open source projects. But later I plan to launch some blog as well.


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