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About the Expertise category

I spent over 15 years working in IT – I used to be a system administrator, a designer, a web-designer, a developer, an analyst and a team lead. I worked in education, in freelancing, in IT outsourcing and, finally, in product development. I used to develop in Perl, C, C++, Pascal, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bash, PHP, Ruby and more. In other words, I’m quite an experienced guy and have something to share…

Currently I work in Kayako – the company, that develops the most advanced and featureful help desk solution on the planet. So far I have worked on the KQL reporting engine and the REST API subsystem for the Kayako product. My personal (this) site runs on Redmine and WordPress and includes custom plugins and themes developed by me for these systems. So, I learned all these applications quite well! Thus, for Redmine I also authored the Mastering Redmine book, which was published by Packt Publishing.

I’m also an open source evangelist and a fan of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. I use this OS most of the time for about 15 years! And, therefore, I learned it quite good too.

Generally, my specialization is the web development. However, I also like to develop system tools, mostly in C (i.e., I like to do the system development too). At the moment I’m interested in HTML5, JavaScript and AJAX. Probably, in future I will also be interested in writing apps for a GNU/Linux-based mobile OS like Sailfish or Tizen (if the latter gain some popularity, of course)…

So, these are some areas, technologies, tools and languages, I can write about under this category. Certainly, I will also write here about any other technical things, that I will believe, I know, and will want to share – I just can’t know every such topic right now. Also, as IT is my work area, this category is going to be the primary category of my blog…



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