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About the Personal category

To be honest, I do not like sharing too many personal details with the World. Being a social network user I share the controllable amount of information with my online friends and anyone, who is interested in my “offline” life.

Everything, that looks personal or not related to other categories, will go under this category.

However, you should not expect to see too personal or emotional stuff here – I weigh everything I post! If I share any personal information – I do this on some purpose! Even if the purpose is just to boast… 🙂 You may conclude, that my personal blog won’t be undisguised in this case… But, on the other side, it won’t be too prolix (I personally hate too verbose blogs with too personal stuff)…

To be more precise – you will unlikely be able to read here, e.g., how did I spent my last weekend or how do I feel about weather today. Instead, these will be my personal thoughts, conclusions, protests, reports, news, and so on. Also, news related to the work of my site, that can’t be seen or reproduced (i.e., not related to my projects), will go here as well (as this is the personal site)…



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