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About the Projects category

The WordPress installation, you are browsing right now, is not a usual one… This installation runs the WordPress/Redmine integration solution, developed by me especially for this website. A part of the integration task is performed by the WordMine plugin for WordPress, which also implements a new “Project” taxonomy. The terms of this taxonomy are automatically synchronized with Redmine projects, what allows to have individual blogs for each of them (under the new Blog tab in the project menu).

In other words, the new Project taxonomy is used to link blog posts to Redmine projects. On the other side, such blog posts still need to be linked to some category. That’s what for the Projects category is used. This category contains all posts for all project blogs, this way making it easy to check all the project news, articles related to projects, announcements and so on. However, if you prefer to read blog posts for particular projects only, consider checking the Blog tab of the individual projects instead.

But please also note, that Announcement and News subcategories may contain information about new projects and other news related to all or multiple projects at once.



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