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Facebook, Twitter and GitHub authentication

Added by 8 years ago

After I have restored the possibility for users to authenticate on my website using their Google accounts, I decided to give a try to the TweetBook plugin for Redmine, which lets authenticate users with their Facebook, Twitter and GitHub accounts. Unfortunately, it appeared to be more complicated, than I expected, and I had to fork and fix this plugin to be able to use it (the original plugin was created by Sandeep Kumar).

Eventually, you can login into my website using your Facebook, Twitter or GitHub account. Also, you can login using you Google account, what was already announced in a separate news.

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Another Redmine versions support policy change

Added by 10 years ago

Till now I was trying to make all my plugins work under the common preselected set of recent Redmine and ChiliProject versions (thus, till recently they were: Redmine 1.4.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x and ChiliProject 3.x). So, before releasing any of my plugins I had to test it under all such versions. Certainly, usually there appeared many compatibility issues, which I had to fix.

This approach generally failed… To support so many versions I needed much time, that I did not have due to different reasons – once the reason was the book, I was writing, another time it was stress, I had due to the severe crisis in Ukraine. The time comes and I write more new plugins, what, certainly, makes their support even more complicated. So, I believe, it’s the time to reduce the number of versions, I aim to support…

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Launching the project for reader support

Added by 11 years ago

There should be a place, where readers can come in a case of doubts, questions, for clarification or specification, and so on. The Mastering Redmine project is such place for readers of the Mastering Redmine book, which was authored by me and published on January 25 by Packt Publishing.

I’m quite sure, that this book and this project will bring new users to my website. I hope, that such users will read this particular news, where I’m going to describe, what you can find on the website and in this particular project…

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Announcement about Redmine < 1.4.x and ChiliProject < 3.x

Added by 11 years ago

Many of you, perhaps, wondered why I supported such old Redmine versions as 1.0.x? The answer is simple: cause I used (and still do) Redmine 1.0.1!.. But why?..

I used to work as a Linux system administrator, so I know, what is the security and how important is to have a well tested and well maintained installation. For this reason I chose Debian as my server platform. Debian is, however, known to have outdated package versions… But there is a reason why it happens. Debian has three “branches”: unstable, testing and stable. To get into the stable branch a package needs to pass the unstable branch, where it gets tested, and wait for a release in the testing branch, where the whole system gets tested once again.

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My book announcement (1 comment)

Added by 11 years ago

I guess sizes of news and Wiki pages, which has been written by me so far, indicate, that I like writing to some extent… I don’t feel it this way though (it’s quite complicated for me to, but, I believe, that it’s the integral part of the good development process, so that’s why I do this usually). Or, maybe, I just don’t know myself well enough?..

Having started to deal with Redmine and having noticed, what kind of mistakes its users usually do, I got the feeling, that I would like to create a blog some day, where I would discuss such issues (by the way, I still want to do this)… I really had a lot of ideas, what to write about for Redmine, and even started to note them.

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Upgrade is pending (2 comments)

Added by 12 years ago

Redmine 1.4 was released quite a long time ago, ChiliProject 3 was released even earlier!.. Now Redmine 2.0 was released! None of these versions are supported by all my plugins… ChiliProject 3 however is supported by most of them.

I’m sorry! Really!.. Recently many events occured in my life so I could not update them in time. Of course, I plan to and will do my best to do this a.s.a.p. I hope for your patience.

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Thanks for contributing (2 comments)

Added by 12 years ago

Users’ contribution to a project is very important! No project is good if it does not happen (unless a project can’t be extended). I always try to mention those of you who contribute to my projects in appropriate CREDITS files. But I appreciate your contribution much greater!..

So I think about adding users who has contributed to a project to members of the project… For this I can add two new roles: “Patchers” and “Translators”. This way contributors will be listed as members on a project overview page. This will also allow me to assign an issue to a translator (e.g. when new strings are added to locale)… Of course, if translators do not mind?

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The Rename

Added by 13 years ago

Some time ago I wrote the Project Alias plugin which allowed adding project identifier aliases and choosing one of aliases as a project identifier (that is renaming identifiers). I wrote it to fix identifiers of my projects. The most glaring example why I wanted to do this is the SCM Creator plugin which has identifier svn (for historical reasons)…

Recently I also added support for the identifiers renaming to the SCM Creator itself (it needed to rename repositories for Redmine.pm to work)… So now I can rename identifiers!.. And by these news I’m notifying you that I’m going to do this!

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