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Website update announcement

My current website is running on the oldstable Debian 6 and Redmine 1.0.x while the recent stable version of Debian is 7 and the latest version of Redmine is 2.4.x! But such old versions are not the problem – the problem is that they do not allow me to run new plugins and features. Also the official support of Debian 6 is to be stopped soon and this means no more security updates for the OS!

Due to peculiar circumstances the upgrade also implies the change of server and, therefore, IP address. So, it’s going to take some time, as it requires data transfer between old and new server.

But I’m writing this announcement not to brag of, but to warn about possible issues with accessing and/or using this website.

Thus, when time comes:

  • I will, probably, shut down SVN while I’m moving repositories to the new server.
  • I will shut down Redmine to prevent its database from being modified while I’m moving it to the new server.
  • I will change the IP address of my web host, so time may be needed for DNS caches to get synchronized.

After the successful upgrade I also expect some minor issues and bugs caused by the host change, new versions of plugins, omissions, or whatever else.

Thus, users of this site may experience the following issues:

  • I believe, everyone will appear to be logged off after the upgrade! This will be caused by the session storage change…
  • You will lose your settings, which are stored in the session, e.g., issue queries. But I doubt many of you use them. This will be cause by the same.
  • You may face 500 internal error messages, that would indicate a bug. No worry – thanks to the Exception Handler plugin I will know, when this happens and will fix the appropriate bug a.s.a.p.
  • You may experience logging in issues, if you use OpenID.
  • Any other issues are also possible…

Anyway, the upgrade is aimed to improve things, and not to break everything! So, soon after the upgrade and successful testing period the following new things are going to be introduced:

  • User mentions will get listed in user profiles and users will be notified, when they get mentioned. That’s a new feature of my WikiNG plugin.
  • Redmine projects will be migrated to project sections, which are provided by the Project Sections plugin.
  • The ISSUE-id plugin will run, at least, for the ISSUE-id project (for now – to ensure, that it works fine).
  • I will finally launch my much anticipated blog! For the blog I will use WordPress, RedPress, WordMine and RedWord.

So, stay tuned!


Comments (4)

Added by Andriy Lesyuk 11 years ago

Subversion is down! Sorry.

Added by Andriy Lesyuk 11 years ago

I have moved to the new server!

Added by Andriy Lesyuk 11 years ago

Mentions became available right after the upgrade. Today I also configured Project Sections.

Added by Andriy Lesyuk 11 years ago

So here is it – the blog launched! 🙂

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