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Tag: Российская пропаганда

About russian fascism and Roger Griffin’s comments on it (1 comment)

Added by 8 лет ago

In my article about fascism in the contemporary Russia, which we (Ukrainians) call «ruscism», I review tenets of fascism, that are listed in the corresponding article on Wikipedia, and compare them to the regime of Vladimir Putin. This way I show, how close is the Russian regime to the true fascism! Unlike the Ukrainian one, that the Russian propaganda used to call fascist…

Certainly, my investigation of the subject made me believe, that the regime of the contemporary Russia is truly fascist. During this investigation I also checked studies of Roger Griffin, who is a well-known specialist in fascism. Thus, I was astonished, how his term palingenetic ultranationalism precisely explains, why the fascism rose in Russia. According to Griffin, the palingenesis is what differentiates the true fascism from para-fascism. And, it was exactly what convinced me, that the ruscism is a true fascism (i.e., not para-fascism). But, later I found comments of Roger on this subject, in which he stated, that Russia does not seem to be fascist…

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Ruscism or russian fascism

Added by 9 лет ago

Russia positions itself as an eternal anti-fascist force in Europe. First, with «insignificant help» of the Allies and other soviet republics it defeated the fascist Germany in 1945. Then, it fought against fascist Mikheil Saakashvili in 2008. And now it struggles against fascist Ukraine and… fascist USA! Whatever country Russians fight with it eventually appears to be a fascist one, weird isn’t it? Or, maybe, this is just an insult they use to call their enemies?.. This looks to be more true. Ukrainian and Georgian people, by the way, also call Russians fascists («ruscists», to be more exact). So, who is right?.. Both sides? No one?.. Let’s try to investigate this.

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Echthrocracy or antagonist-oriented government

Added by 10 лет ago

It’s well known, that a common enemy is able to unite even irreconcilable parties, that would confront otherwise. The history knows many such cases. Thus, communist USSR joined the capitalist West in the fight against Nazis, but certainly their relations became tense again right after the end of the World War II.

Like many other similar tactics and human behavior peculiarities this feature can be and is used for different kinds of manipulations. At the moment it’s complicated to determine, who was the first, but USSR like many other communist countries used this feature to control its citizens. After the USSR dissolution the corresponding management strategy was inherited by the Russian Federation, certainly, being improved a bit. And this is the management strategy, we will discuss in this article…

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