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Projects: Upgrade is pending (2 comments)

Added by 12 years ago

Redmine 1.4 was released quite a long time ago, ChiliProject 3 was released even earlier!.. Now Redmine 2.0 was released! None of these versions are supported by all my plugins… ChiliProject 3 however is supported by most of them.

I’m sorry! Really!.. Recently many events occured in my life so I could not update them in time. Of course, I plan to and will do my best to do this a.s.a.p. I hope for your patience.

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Redmine › Role Shift: Hack goes public

Added by 12 years ago

Did you ever want to restrict access to some projects maintaining role names?.. I.e. not by creating special roles like ”<Project name> developer”?.. I did!

What I also wanted to do is to make some projects more restrictive for non-members… That’s the situation when the problem really occurs! You can’t assign a different role for non-members! As well as you can’t assign a different role to anonymous users… That’s Redmine limitation!

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Projects: Thanks for contributing (2 comments)

Added by 12 years ago

Users’ contribution to a project is very important! No project is good if it does not happen (unless a project can’t be extended). I always try to mention those of you who contribute to my projects in appropriate CREDITS files. But I appreciate your contribution much greater!..

So I think about adding users who has contributed to a project to members of the project… For this I can add two new roles: “Patchers” and “Translators”. This way contributors will be listed as members on a project overview page. This will also allow me to assign an issue to a translator (e.g. when new strings are added to locale)… Of course, if translators do not mind?

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Redmine › Contact Form: Will drop the “Project” field

Added by 12 years ago

It’s not a secret that all of my plugins I wrote initially for myself. The contact form was one of them.

I have many plugins on my site so I need the “Project” field to determine what project a request is related to. But this is not a common situation perhaps and I guess there are users who do not need the “Project” field?.. For example, if there is only one project on site or if projects are not visible.

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Projects: The Rename

Added by 12 years ago

Some time ago I wrote the Project Alias plugin which allowed adding project identifier aliases and choosing one of aliases as a project identifier (that is renaming identifiers). I wrote it to fix identifiers of my projects. The most glaring example why I wanted to do this is the SCM Creator plugin which has identifier svn (for historical reasons)…

Recently I also added support for the identifiers renaming to the SCM Creator itself (it needed to rename repositories for Redmine.pm to work)… So now I can rename identifiers!.. And by these news I’m notifying you that I’m going to do this!

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